Connecting experience with purpose and passion.

Guardian Event Solutions is an intermediary conference planning company focused on searching, negotiating and contracting the safest venue contracts possible in an effort to reduce the organization’s financial and legal risk.

Guardian Event Solutions has a passion for serving organizations and partnering with the hospitality industry in order to conduct a successful and purposeful event. 

Why Guardian?

Guardian Event Solutions brings decades of hotel/hospitality industry and  contract negotiations experience to your organization at no cost. Our expertise, knowledge and connections in this ever changing environment brings comfort to our clients.  We are experts in contract negotiations which ultimately limits financial liability to our clients all while securing the best location, rates and concessions for their events. We will assist with your board meetings, conferences, city-wide conventions and stadium events.  

Peace of Mind

The hospitality industry is forever changing and expanding their revenue sources. Our goal is to minimize the unknowns that burdens the planning team. When planning an event, we feel the best surprise, is no surprise. Guardian works through the many details and pricing in a contract to minimize those surprises. We will work to earn your trust every day.

We give back to You

Our commitment to our non-profit customers is that we will give a donation back to the organization for the purpose of furthering their mission.